This morning I was looking in the mirror, brushing my teeth after my shower.  I was wrapped in a towel; ready to just grab a hair tie and be on my way.  I was going to be home all day; what did I have to get all done up for?  But then I tried to recall the last time I had actually DONE my hair, with a hair dryer AND a hairbrush at the same time.

I honestly can’t remember.

My usual routine is just to wash and go, usually turning the heater on in the car; pointing the vents at my face and finger combing the snarls out of my thin lanky locks on my way to work.  All this before eventually knotting it up into a ponytail of sorts or twisting it on the side of my head no later than 10am in the morning.  And I will let you know that I start out the morning with every intention to “leave it down’ and ‘brush it’; but it just feels so damn good when it is off of my neck.

This morning was a new day though. I grabbed my old hairdryer from college that I keep in my bathroom ‘just in case’. I flipped my head over with a vengeance, I brushed it, I dried it; I flipped it and puffed it.  I even dared to spritz it with Aussie hairspray to tame the fly aways that plague my poor hair.  Afterward while I was rubbing my neck that was aching from my self induced whiplash; I glanced at my reflection again and thought.

‘Well that was pretty easy’.

Then I had another thought.

You know the shots that people use for their Buddy Icon on Flickr.  The ones where they are holding the camera and gazing into a mirror/window looking effortlessly pretty and elegant and artsy all at the same time…..

You know the ones that I mean; don’t you?

Anyway, I ‘ve always coveted those shots, yet thought of myself as….

Number One: Not so effortlessly pretty.

Number Two: Not so capable of taking an elegant self portrait.


Number Three: Not very Artsy with the old lens.

But today was a day to try it out; if ever there was a day.

I was dressed, I had actually dried my hair, AND I had mascara on!


I grabbed my camera and just started clicking.

I think I got one.

(If you can get past the bags under my eyes that deceive the 10hrs of sleep that I got last night)

Hoping your weekends are wonderful.

I am working Sunday and Monday.