I was looking through my craft/linen closet after waking up from a nap; with a whole lot of enthusiasm for a new project.

Something in the left hand corner of the top shelf caught my eye.

I had forgotten all about it in my flutter of knitting, booties, Stationary wraps and such.

I got a twinge in my stomach, thinking….

Why didn’t I finish you….you beautiful little hooking?

That was all it took.  I stood on my desk chair to pull it from it’s perch and I held it in my hands.

It was begging for completion.

I started it over a year ago.

I gathered my supplies, 3 skeins of yarn, my Oxford Punch, the circle hoop, and sat down in my corner of the couch by the light.

Ready to go.

All I had to finish was the second mountain….

the sky….

And finally, patch up the bare spots that peeked through the yarn.

It is called “FOLLOW ME

It is of a place I would love to be…to transport into the scene just by laying my head on it; when I turn it into the pillow it will eventually become.

The trail to the lake….

To sit on a boulder by the windblown water….

Taking it all in.

I was so relieved that I finished it.

Now I am inspired to start a new one.  I just have some sketching to do, before I decide on the final scene.

Have a spectacular weekend everyone.

Truly, Julia