What a nice day.

I went for a walk in town after I dropped of the boys at Nursery.   There was a nip in the air, residual from last night’s dip in degrees.  I kept walking though and was warmed on the way back to my car by the sun that was rising.  The lake is still frozen solid, just getting a transparent ring on the edges that are thawing.

After the walk, I went to visit my Dad at his work for a coffee.  Sitting with him in my car, talking about skiing and the weather, I couldn’t help but drool over the sights.

The sky was amazing….all poofs of clouds with a vibrant blue background.  The peaks of the hills looked as if they would puncture the clouds.

No wonder they call it


After I picked up the boys they had ‘bees in their bonnets‘ and ‘ants in their pants‘ so, we came it a unanimous decision to walk to the river after we got to my house and see if it had thawed.

It had indeed.

We took a nice walk up the trail into the woods; it was iced and cast with shadows by the trees on each side.  A slippery slide on the way back to the bridge.  We each only fell once; but it was plenty, I assure you.

Then we went back to the bridge.  The grass that has been buried for months was brown and crunchy, so I perched myself in a dry patch and watched the boys who were throwing stones into the iced river…..having a BLAST in this reprieve from chill.

Even Whitie got in on the action.  As soon as we got home, I put on his bad-ass spiked collar with the heart shaped name tag. I then promptly pushed his hibernating blubber out the door for a little exercise.

The windows and doors are open; giving the house a much needed airing out.  The boys are outside yet again, bellies full of lunch…… getting buzzed on a little more fresh air.

Naps are ahead and we will all sleep well.

Happy day to everyone.

See you tomorrow.