Today isn’t turning out as productive as I had hoped it would.



Three days at work really wipes me out.  And to top it all off, I had to go to a Basic Life Support class until 12 today.

So much for my first day off.

I am now home with the boys, making them grilled cheese and grilled cheese alone…… because they love it (and also because it the only thing that I have all of the ingredients for.)

Pardon the gratuitous Organic Bread in the shot......It is the only bread that my boy likes....Obviously, we don't eat that much if you couldn't tell that from the TUB of Country Crock and Price Chopper BAG of cheese.

We are gearing up for this afternoon.

I am looking forward to taking a nap  with them…..Snuggled up with a boy on each side…..just like a grilled cheese.

I hope to wake up rejuvinated and ambitious to start a new project.  Something to do with needles or sewing.  Something to help to decompress and relax.

I promise to write something more insightful or entertaining (with lots and lots of photos!) once my mind and body recover from working 38 out of 72 hours.

Thanks so much for stopping by still.

Truly, Jules

P.S.        I’m actually feeling more motivated as I write this.