After taking up knitting again.  I have knitted several mini scarfs, trying to perfect knitting and purling; followed by MANY, MANYunravelings………

I knit my first hat!!!!

I KNOW, I couldn’t believe it either!


It all started with a knitting arsenal……

-a set of double point needles

-a library of knitting instruction books.

-a skein of silky gray yarn.


-my camera.

-and patience…..lots and lots of patience!

It’s funny how ambition peaks for me at the ripe old hour of  8pm.  Perched on the couch, lap full of yarn and needles and books; I was on a mission.  There was a cartoon on the TV occupying my husband and the one person that  I had ACTUALLY turned it on for……our son.

All ready to go, I was.  Then, I looked  down at my lap-FULL of yarn and pointy needles, and books, and then I had a moment of sheer PANIC, thinking to myself…

“Well, this should be interesting?”

Casting on the first 60 stitches, I was on my way!  Glancing at my books every couple stitches, there was no where to go but forward.

Triangles at first….

Which by the time I went to bed, had started to resemble something actually knit by someone who knew what they were doing…..

And by the next afternoon when I picked it up again, it slowly morphed into a mound of stitches that stood on their own.

An hour and a half later, after trying to figure out how to successfully cast off without unraveling the whole thing…..

I was left with this.

And this…….

Which together, added up to a pretty darn cute hat for a newborn……..

If I do say so myself…

And now I am addicted.

Addicted to yet another craft, which can only mean trouble.

But addicted just the same.

PS. I am not the one I knitted this for.  At any given moment in our hospital there are at least 4 pregnant girls who work here.  I will gift this to one of them when they have their baby…..hey, I’ll use any excuse to go over to the Nursery from the floor that I work on; to oogle at the new little ones.

So long as they aren’t mine.