Kyrie at are so happy is expecting  her baby in the next five weeks (give or take).  She has been thoughtful to include us in this countdown and has started a challenge called “Five Senses Friday”.

This week was Sight, so I’m including a shot here.. If you are interested in what else I saw this week, just scan over my other posts from this week…


-Lot’s of fort building by my boy and nephew
-fallen trees and pine cones galore
-my cat in a whole new light
-beauty in the days that are getting LONGER and LONGER thanks to the daylight savings.

And finally I saw this.

……a father and his son, dumping teaspoon after heaping teaspoon of fish food into our 100 gallon fish tank that my husband JUST HAD TO HAVE.

They enjoy it though…truly enjoy it.  And I must say that the fish are super therapeutic to watch when you’re having an off day.

Daddy and son....feeding the hungry tropics.

Daddy and son....feeding the hungry tropics.

Flash of Neon Tetra

Flash of Neon Tetra

SO, happy ONE-week-down in Kyrie’s tick off to the birth of her baby.

Four more to go.  Yippee!

I’ll be here posting the next sense next week.


Thanks Kyrie!  Great idea.