Today is the last day of the Morning challenge from Christina….I must say it has been so much fun to start my day taking pictures.  The light of the morning is so terrific for shots!  Plus it makes me realize just how much mayhem happens “Within the hour”.

This morning was not an exception to this, although it is much less hectic with just MY boy…..My nephew is with his Mama today since we both are off.  ( L and I work opposite days usually so that we can watch each others boy….they are 3 months apart).


Today started with an assessment of the outside world….I knew it was cold, but REALLY….come on, it’s 4 degrees out there!

Then I was off to do this…..

Don’t you DARE laugh.

While my boy busied himself with this…..

Then a little breakfast and caffeine…

All in all it has been the best morning so far…..

I actually got to eat breakfast!


So happy last morning to all of you and I can’t wait see how your mornings began.

Truly, Jules