Christina over at the fabulous Sometimes Crafter had a great idea for a Photo Challenge…..I call it the “Within the hour” challenge….and I am so happy to join in.  Although I am 2 days late into it-I am jumping in feet first with this morning.

Today got off to a lazy start though.   The boys needed to be at Nursery School at 9am.  My husband had attempted to wake me up before he went to work.  I just ” Uhh Huh’d” him and rolled over, snuggling back into the covers until I heard his truck leave the driveway at 7am.

I then fell back into a lusciously DEEP slumber.

What felt like 5 minutes passed and I blinked open my eyes to look  at my cellphone to check the time.  It said 8:15!

I almost fell out of the bed and started getting my clothes out of the dresser, calling out to the boys  from the bedroom….(In a Panic)

“I slept in TOO late guys!”

“Can you guys get out of your jammies and into some clothes, please!”

” Come on, Come on let’s go boys!”

And then I walked into to living room to find this….

The boys had already started getting into the clothes I had laid out for them last night for school.

And as you can see,
they had helped themselves to a VERY nutritious breakfast!

I just didn’t have it in me to argue.  So I went off to take a 5min shower before they got into anything ELSE.

Reluctantly getting out of my super silky nightie and fleece foot warmers…..

And so our day began.

See you tomorrow morning…I’ll try to post earlier since there is no school for the boys.

And thanks again to Christina for letting me play along.

Now I am off to check her morning post with a cup of coffee at my side.