I could definitely do with a week of green; and thanks to the fabulous ShiningEgg, I am inspired along with the rest to find the green….to capture it.

And capture it I will; although all of the other participants PUT ME TO SHAME with their photography skills.

Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring

We have three gardens on our little acre.   One is for herbs, the largest one is for veggies, and lastly, one for perennials.   In the growing months they are a sight to see; bursting with green in every shade imaginable.

The Circle Garden....Perennials

The Perennials Circle Garden....from our porch.

The perennial garden is in the shape of a circle; centered at the top of our driveway.  It is bordered with boulders found on our property;  Full of life and color and smells.  It is my favorite, by far.

So, in anticipation of this coming growing season of Spring, my photos are from this past Fall; of how we left our three gardens.   Before they got their winter blankets.

Of what is waiting for us, under all of this snow.

See you tomorrow.

Truly, Jules