One of my favorite pastimes is making booties.  It is quick and doesn’t require a sewing machine, which makes it SUPER portable.   I have my own patterns and intend on getting a EIN and business started up once I have more time(ie. when E starts Kindergarten this coming Fall.) I call the line of booties Mountain Babies Booties (for obvious reasons).

Trifted wool scarf and felt....for the true Mountain baby.

One of my patterns Thrifted wool scarf and felt....for the true Mountain baby.

In the interim I have instated my twin to help me make booties in newborn sizes to donate to the hospital that we work at as nurses.   We have already made and donated around 30 pairs and are making more all the time , since there is a baby boom going on in the Adirondacks this spring/summer.

The pattern for these booties that we are donating is a basic, simple bootie.   They are fully reversible and my own take on the super popular “Bitty Booties” pattern available online by the inspiring  Heather Bailey.  I don’t intend to sell this style, hence the donations to the OB wing at the hospital.

There are LOTS of hunters in this area.

There are A LOT of hunters in this area.

Ready for packaging

Ready for packaging

Of course I could just give them to the OB Dept. as they are, but I am a sucker for packaging and

I NEEDED to make them look like I intend to package my booties when I get my act together. I love the WHOLE process.

Tie one on.

Tie one on.

Ready to go

Ready to go

And now that a few pairs of boys are complete…….

I cant leave out the girls!

I can't leave out the girls!

I am thankful that they can use them.