My father is the MOST handy man that I know, but my husband is a close second. You name it….. Carpentry, plumbing, excavating, roofing, construction, painting,etc. He can do it all, and do it well( I might add)

We are a good pair in that I keep the house in order inside and he makes sure it doesn’t collapse around us.

It is a dreary day today, warm, wet, and windy.  Due to this, F was able to do some building at home………………. and E was right on his coat tails.

Carrying a bag of screws for Daddy.

I went down to the workshop, expecting E to be in the chair watching his father, as I had instructed him that if he wanted to go downstairs with Daddy, he was to observe and not get in the way,

Imagine my surprise when I walked in onTHIS

As much worry as it causes me to know that he is THAT close to power tools, I can’t deny the obvious.  The results of  testosterone seeping into our boy as if through osmosis.  Just  from being in the MAN CAVE with his idol.

DO you see that boy….. that boy right there -hunched over  a piece of scrap wood, concentrating on his swing………. He has a knack for it.  It is in his BLOOD.

I love my husband for many reasons other than the requisite reasons every wife states.

I love him for all the things he is capeable of, for his patience in instructing our boy. For all that he does to improve our house one step and dollar at a time.  And lastly, for the love that he returns.

I can only wish that E inherits all of these qualities……… in addition to his ability to sink a nail in 4 swings.