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Today I realized that I hadn’t balanced my finances in OH say…….2 weeks.
Internal Voice: “No, that’s not possible.”
Me: ” I know, I swear I did it last Tuesday”
Internal Voice: ” Well, lets just see here………”
Me: “OK, I don’t think I have many receipts any way.”
Internal Voice: ” Great ”

And that is when I opened the compartment in my wallet and THEY all came spilling out like a minnow trap left in the lake for the same amount of time………my receipts.

I swear as I was doing the balancing, (2 pages worth of writing) I kept saying…..” Well that can’t be right, I must have entered that twice.”

But I hadn’t.

Everything accounted for, I have…..well, it’s less than I thought I had (lets just put it that way)

So much for saving for taxes.

I feel sick, but at least I’m not negative……………..in finances that is.